WE are recruiting

Dreamteam Helsinki AB is recruiting reinforcements. We'd prefer you to be always fest- and alkoholsugen, good at taking orders, obedient and loyal towards the founders (Päris and I). An amazing immune system would be considered as a major plus since the company has lately been suffering from epidemics.

This is our team's motto and banner, which is also used by some cosmetic firm. We were first, though.


  1. Anonymous10/1/11 12:58

    hei törkeetä, pitääks mun alkaa muka tottelee sua ja anttia! en muuten ala mut vaadin silti osakkuuden dreamteamista! kuka teille muuten kantaa viinaa pöytään ja tarjoaa juhlatiloja?
    t. joulumuori

  2. joulumuori soot johtoporrasta!

  3. Anonymous12/1/11 22:43

    noni. melkein jo säikähdin. dreamteammiitti asap!