I asked my blog guru friend Päris how to get more popular, and he suggested to take a more commercial aprroach. Everything should have a price or at least my opinnion how much they should cost. I'm gonna try that, so here's this week's shock celeb scoops WITH prices included for you to copy their style!

First off is Little J, Taylor Momsen, who performed with a tampon string haning out - classy!


Deluxe Natural sea sponge tampon $9.59, ebay

Lily Allen sings "If I buy those jeans, I can look like Kate Moss", but what are those jeans, Miss Sixty the beer wash?

Karhu beer 1.55 € Alko (pic alko.fi)

Who would have guessed that Hermione had such a perky pair of boobz? You can watch them developing with Harry Potter movie box, years 1-5 $25.94, Amazon.com

All the scoops are from Hänt BILD magazine, I highly recommend you to buy it! Justin Bieber's dark secret, Miley's sex photos etc etc amazing shieeeet okay bye!


  1. Hohohohohohoh

  2. Okei mä repesin :D

  3. päris is burning4/1/11 19:08

    juuri näin. t.pärre

  4. Anonymous7/1/11 23:02

    eivittu loistava blogi! miks en oo löytäny tätä aikasemmin :----D luin kaikki postaukses, ehkä jopa naurahdin pari kertaa