We are going to have our company's pikkujoulut at an oldskool russian hotspot. Wanna have a fab and gorgeous eastern look, which would propably fall in to the category "white trash - glam". So now I'm facing a major fashion crisis and decided to make an inspiration collage yet again. I'm so hooked on those, no wonder they're everywhere. Here you can pick your own samovar style! (amagaad googled "russian style" and got "This refers to a form of sexual relations in which the man rubs his penis between the breasts of a woman. It can be mutually erotic if done by someone sensitive." in shock)

The key to eccentric russian style is to go crazy. Mix and match, and if you fail and look awful, don't worry: that's the purpose. I'm really not sure how this is in any way relevant to my crisis, since I picked only womenswear....well, guess going drag is always a classy option.

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