taking out the big guns

I already have done: a food post, dagens outfit post and inspiration collages so the only thing missing is make up tips. Since I don't have any I'll show you how I do my hair instead.

apply 5 storkes with a normal comb and you get:

amazing really what you can do with a brush.


  1. oh! awsome! tell me, what brush do you use, exactly? which brand? and how do you hold your hands while brushing your hair? why don't you make a cool and trendy tutorial? or better: a cool and trendy video? that would be soooo great!!
    hilary <<3

  2. Anonymous9/2/11 21:15

    storkes..... extemely.....
    en oo selkeesti opettanu sulle tarpeeks oikeinkirjoitusta vielä.