DIY fashion

I posted about those amazing plant hats that are the thing in Korea atm. Since I'm predicting that mushrooms will be a must have next season, I sketched a camo hat for myself. I even made an inspiration collage (you knoooow every blogger does them) of this whole military thingie

And here you have, hand made 100% mushroom. The cool thing about camo is that it's really useful, for example in the woods - no one can see you!

Look, that's me in the bosque nearby posing with my new hat. Gosh I'm skinny.


  1. Siis ihan mieletön moodboard! Mistä löysit ton maastokaksosasen?
    Ps. Oot niin kaunis!

  2. toi camoasu on damir doma ss11..kai :-s

  3. Anonymous5/12/10 22:04

    nipa hei oikeesti! tän takia sä siis myit sielusi ja aloit bloggaamaan.......
    t. et ikinä arvaa kuka (boomewhore)